Moshspeggeti talks to Arthur, a NPC in Avatar Adventurers Online.

If you've ever been to Evermore Greens North, you'll notice a giant wooden gate. In order to get in that gate, you'll need to start a mission. In order to start the mission you must first talk to Arthur, in Neem Town. Once you Talk to Arthur, he will tell you need to to find a man named Brandon. Bra
File:Water Key Location.jpg
ndon is located in Plebeian Dunes, An area located North of Evermore Greens North. Once in Plebeian Dunes, find Brandon. Brandon is located right of the entrance from Evermore Greens North, next to a brown rock in cowboy apparel. Once you Talk to Brandon, locate the key. The key is located next to a palm tree in the upper left corner of Plebeian dunes. It is considered a NPC and when you press RB and traget it it will say "..." and thats the key. Once you locate they key and retreve it bring it back to Brandon. For finding the key Brandon will give you 10,000 cR, Shock 2, and an Agility Up.
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