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Fat Chickens are often found in Evermore Greens South and North, alongside Brainless Bovines and Fiery Wasps. Fat Chickens are probably the least threatening creature in the game, making them extremely good candidates for beginning adventurers. Fat Chickens are related to the Fry Them Chickens Quest. They occasionally drop Chicken Wings which are valued around 180 cold coins, however, saving up three Chicken Wings and giving them to the Colonel in Neem Town is much more advisable due to the much more significant awards associated with the quest.

File:Fat Chicken.jpg


Max Health: 100
Provoke Type: Retaliate Only
Element: None
Quest/Mission Related: Yes

Kill rewards:

100%:cR, exp

Other: Chicken wing, Rare Items, medicine.


Evermore Greens North

Evermore Greens South

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