Is this game worth the 240 Microsoft Points?Edit

Yes. This game is 100% worth the 240 Microsoft points. The game is worth it and the community is growing rapidly. In my opinion, it is the best indie title currently available and the games popularity as of March 3rd, 2011, it has a 4 star rating based of 1,393 votes as well as a Facebook following.

Is it an online only MMO?Edit

No. There is an offline mode option as well.

Does it require a Gold account to purchase and play?Edit

Not exactly. A silver account can download the trial and purchase the game however to play online with friends, you are required to have a gold account.

Why do people randomly get kicked from the game but sign back in automatically within secons?Edit

This is a bug that the developer is still working on (

Is it possible to power level my friends without any experience penalty?Edit

Yes. From personal experience, I (Mortimernova) can answer this question. I was level 18 when a friend of mine purchased the game. We teamed up and I took him into the Wastelands, got a skillchain in the 50's and leveled him to 14 in under an hour.

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