There are many options in battle mode in the game. You enter battle mode by focusing on the target and hitting RB. There is an Attack option, where you simply hit the enemy with your weapon (if you hold Right on the D-Pad while "Attack" is highlighted, you can put your Avatar into "Auto Combat" where he will attack as soon as the "Wait" bar is full, without you having to attack manually each time). There is an abilities option where you use destructive, curative, etc. powers to your advantage. But, to use these abilities you use up AP. But, you can regenerate AP by standing still for awhile while it heals your HP and AP. There is a items option, where you can heal yourself with medicines, use items, etc. There is an examine option, where you examine the target to see the targets stats. And finally, there is a disengage option where you can simply leave battle mode.

Health and Ability PointsEdit

There are two major things contributing to battle mode which are Health Points (HP) and Ability points (AP). Health Points determines how much damage you can take before you get knocked out. The more HP you have, the longer you can take damage and survive. The other type of battle points in the game is Ability points. The more Ability points you have, the more you can use special abilities such as Flame or Freeze. If you run out of AP or you are running low on HP, you can disengage in combat and stand still. This will recover both your AP and HP.

Experience PointsEdit

Experience points, or commonly reffered to as exp points, is the amount of exp you need to gain until you reach the next level. Once you level up you may be able to use new items, such as you can use the iron sword at level 3. In order to gain exp points you must battle monsters such as the Young Bat in the picture above or complete quests/missions.

After You Defeat the target in Battle Mode.Edit

Once you defeat the target, you gain exp points as mentioned before, sometimes a item, and you get some cR (cR is the currency of the game). But, occasionally after you defeat a target you may get a rare item. Rare items can be worth alot of cR, but sometimes the items you recive can further imrove your abilities in battle mode, or they may be medicines, or some other item.

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